#130 The Cthulhu Cthorps

#130 The Cthulhu Cthorps

 Join the Cthulhu Cthorps! The p and s are silent... we have no idea what to do with the "th". Cthulhu-cthorps

Introducing the latest in our on-going series of Lovecraftian inspired designs: The Cthulhu Cthorps Fez and Chapeau!

For our fourth original Cthulhu design (not counting color/fabric variants) we wanted to go with a more Art Deco styled militarized look that would work well on both a chapeau and a fez. We also wanted to include the multiple eyes that were featured on HPL’s original sketch of the “Horror in Clay” that often get passed over in modern versions. Our classic green Cthulhu design had been around for four years and we knew we needed something just as iconic and timeless to follow that up. Cthulhu-Cthorps-Chap

The conservative pallet of neutral tones with the blood-red contrast allows this design to strike a balance between casual and formal. Wear it with your favorite tuxedo or go for that relaxed but threatening look with combat boots and a cargo kilt.

Now we're already in production on these but since we are in the beginning throes of the 2015 Con Season we have decided to open up a back-order while we are on the road. As soon as we return from C2E2 at the end of the month, we will begin shipping these out.

So place your orders now and before you know it you will be able to join the Cthulhu Cthorps – The Few. The Proud. The Insane.

Semper Fhtagn!

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