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First off I want to thank you all for making 2011 one crazy year in Fez-o-rama’ville. Despite all of the turmoil in our lives, it really was a pretty amazing time when it came to fezmongering. We met a slew of amazing new people –well, the people aren’t actually new, I mean sure, there were a lot of new people introduced to the world this year but I’m talking about the old people we just met… not that they are significantly old, a lot of them are younger than I am but, well you get the picture. Just when you...

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Yeah, I know the October Newsletter was only a few weeks ago, but I’m trying to get back on schedule around here. We have some big news to get out and the days left in 2011 are numbered… actually all days are numbered, that’s how calendars work, but that is besides the point. Comikaze Expo was a blast! We met all sorts of cool and interesting people and we put many a fez on to many a noggin. Now that the show has come and gone, you know what’s next: New Fez Time! The Final 25 of The Mignola Fez...

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It’s the audiophile’s thinking cap! The perfect fez for those evenings spent relaxing at home listening vintage radio programs as you bask in the warm glow emanating from an antique radio while sipping a nice single malt… or streaming online music while you work late, under the sterile glow of florescent lights, while guzzling stale coffee. Look, what I’m saying is whatever your situation, it can only be improved by wearing a fez. This week’s fez is a design that has been picking at the back of my brain for years. The vacuum tube was one of the earliest requests...

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