November News

Yeah, I know the October Newsletter was only a few weeks ago, but I’m trying to get back on schedule around here. We have some big news to get out and the days left in 2011 are numbered… actually all days are numbered, that’s how calendars work, but that is besides the point.
Comikaze Expo was a blast! We met all sorts of cool and interesting people and we put many a fez on to many a noggin. Now that the show has come and gone, you know what’s next:

New Fez Time!

The Mignola FezThe Final 25 of The Mignola Fez Available now!
That’s right, Mike Mignola was kind enough to extend his limited edition fez for a bonus 25 and now the very last of them are available on the website. Head on over to the Mignola Fez page and look to see if your size is still available. If it is, I suggest grabbing one quick, since there will be no more of these magnificent fezzes made!  

The Vacuum Tube FezThe Vacuum Tube Fez

After a short run as a Fez of the Week Pre-order the mighty Vacuum Tube Fez has joined the ranks of our production fezzes. This snazzy low-profile fez is just the thing for late-night listening parties, retro DJs and mid-century television repair services. Get one now and enjoy the warm glow of a nice velvet fez you just can’t get with the solid-state versions.

The Freedonian Elite FezThe Freedonian Elite Fez

The Freedonian design returns on a special variant fez. This time the elegant seal appears on a Ruby Red velvet fez. This is the perfect hat to wear racing around in your side-car, avoiding the latest opera while instigating war with other fictional countries. Just don’t drink the lemonade.

Krampus - seasonalThe Krampus Fez Pre-order

Our seasonal design has returned once again to rattle some chains and beat those unruly kids. These Fezzes will be made to order so get your request in early. We will be starting production this weekend so be sure to order by Friday if you want yours to be in the first batch. The 2nd batch will likely begin once we return at the end of November. While you’re perusing our latest stock don’t forget to check out the Soon to be Retired fezzes. These are designs that are no longer in production and this may be your last chance to pick one up.
Now for something completely different:

Prague 043A London Fez-up?!?

Turns out that the Mrs. and I will be in London the week of the 21st. (Yes, in two short weeks) This is a rather sudden development and our actual plans are still being worked out, but that doesn’t mean we can fit in a fez-up while we are there. If any of our friends across the pond are interested in meeting up for an evening please let me know. We are also looking for any suggestions for an appropriate venue for such a thing. You can contact me via Twitter @Fezmonger or email through the website. I would love to see some of you in person, assuming you can stand to deal with my atrocious accent.
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