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Fez Friday, Lono, PSA, update -

Sheesh! Things have been so crazy since we returned from Tiki Oasis I have now resorted to writing posts on my phone. I had hoped to put together a proper Fez of the Week post on Monday but I spent that time working on new designs. So instead of giving you a new fez I'm going to do a quick rundown of what we are up to. The Limited Edition fezzes from Tiki Oasis are going fast. In fact all that is left of the Lono is a single Small. While there won't be more Lonos produced on the mohogany...

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Production, Spring Cleaning, update -

After another weekend of sewing we are nearly done with our Spring Cleaning initiative. What started out to be a way of organizing our shelves before we started cutting more fabric turned into an epic, month-long marathon of fez production. Anyone that has followed this blog in the past knows that we make our fezzes in small batches of around one to two dozen at a time. This is a hands-on effort by us. So you might understand when I say this has gotten a bit larger than anticipated. Joe gave me an estimated count and after we finish the 35...

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