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It’s a bit behind schedule but better late than never. Fez number 43 is a special guest selection from a very special guest: Gio Corsi! Tiki Bar TV fans may know him better as Mr Ambassador and he is in fact the inspiration behind the Mr Ambassador fez and the subsequent Soviet Deluxe Fez. What’s the deal with 43? Let’s let the man speak for himself. Behold the amazing power of 43, a number near and dear to the creators and cast of TIKI BAR TV. Long before Doctor Tiki & Johnny Johnny set sail on the SS Tiki, they...

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First off, let me thank all of the people that have donated to our cancer charity. The generosity among the fez community amazes me. Sadly all 13 of the Moko Moai on 2tone Tapa have been claimed. Unfortunately I only had a little bit of this fabric available, otherwise I would keep making them as a way to thank you all for donating. However the Dance-a-thon is still over a week away and we're not going to stop now.We have a very special item for this week's fund raiser scheme:The Mr Ambassador Deluxe Prototype Fez!We had a little wager with...

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Well you asked for it comrade, so now here it is. The Hammer and Sickle that was originally made for a very special purpose and returned as Fez of the Week #32 is back again and now we are happy to offer you the new Hammer and Sickle Deluxe on... Red velvet of course! These are done on a low profile fez with the classic golden hammer and sickle on a red two-tone starburst star with black and gold outlines. Nothing says you're a man of the people like the people's fez! $55+shipping

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