The Mr Ambassador Deluxe Prototype Fez

First off, let me thank all of the people that have donated to our cancer charity. The generosity among the fez community amazes me. Sadly all 13 of the Moko Moai on 2tone Tapa have been claimed. Unfortunately I only had a little bit of this fabric available, otherwise I would keep making them as a way to thank you all for donating. However the Dance-a-thon is still over a week away and we're not going to stop now.

We have a very special item for this week's fund raiser scheme:
The Mr Ambassador Deluxe Prototype Fez!
We had a little wager with Mr Ambassador regarding a certain team sport at some quadrennial games and long story short, we have his new fez and we're auctioning it off for charity! So head on over to our new Fez-o-Auction page and learn how you can claim this rare fez and help fight cancer in the process!
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