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Here is yet another woefully belated post that should have been up weeks ago: Last month we held another of our Fez Friday Foto challenges over on the Twitter. If you aren’t familiar with Fez Fridays here is the nutshell version: Each Friday of the month I invite our fans to post impromptu photos of themselves wearing their Fez-o-rama Fez with the hashtag #FezFriday. The photos are posted the same Friday that they are taken. At the end of the month one winner is randomly selected from all of the eligible entries. This time I decided to do something special...

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This week's fez features a special bit of tech: a QR Code. Created by Denso-Wave in 1994, the "Quick Response" code is a digital representation of information that can be quickly scanned by a camera phone and deciphered. After seeing a QR Code scarf on the Make:Blog I was curious to see if my embroidery machine would produce a working code in thread. Unfortunately it took me a year to get a phone that could scan the codes and to actually get around to programming the embroidery. The end result? Yes it works! Now the more information in the code...

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