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Are you a turtle? ...I'm asking for a friend. The first Fez of the Week of 2014 is one that we have received quite a few of requests for over the years. Usually in the form of some cryptic message with lots of acronyms. Sure, I was game to make a turtle themed fez, but I needed to find the right sort of mood for it. Lately I have noticed that I have developed an obsession with drawing anthropomorphic portraits featuring smug, aloof or even annoyed creatures. Almost as though they were well aware that I was drawing them. During...

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Our Obsession with monkeys wearing hats continues in epic form! It's a monkey, wearing a Samurai helmet, on a fez! Do we have to diagram the equation of awesomeness that is involved here? See you take the monkey and multiply it with Samurai -don't forget to carry the Bushido- and, look it's not that complica... MONKEY WEARING A SAMURAI HELMET ON A FEZ!!! What started as a simple suggestion made in passing by a friend on the interwebs quickly demanded that it be made real. Now let’s be honest, most fez ideas get filed away in what passes as a...

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The Great Old God is getting restless in his watery lair! We are starting up Pre-Sale production so if you want to get your head into one of these disturbing fezzes follow the link. These will be made to order so please anticipate a slightly slower delivery schedule than our usual system. As a special bonus we will be taking orders for off sizes during the Pre-Sale. So if you find you have an unusually sized noggin now is your chance to get a fez in your size! We have 4X and 5X listed on the site. If anyone needs...

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