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Last week I put out the call for your Feztive Photos featuring a fez in your festivities! The best one will receive one of the Fez Stand prototypes we've been working on -during our limited free time- and we've got a number of great entries below! [gallery type="slideshow" ids="3418,3429,3428,3427,3426,3424,3423,3422,3425"] ...and the winner is Gail Savidge! While we got a few fez/tree combinations, this one just goes over the top. From the staggering number of fezzes in their collection to the post-modern white tree to the reinmingo coyly hidden in the back this photo makes quite the statement. Congratulations Gail, we'll...

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We hope this newsletter finds you enjoying whatever end-of-year Winter celebration you choose to celebrate! I know we are all inundated with seasonal greetings from every retailer with an email account but I wanted to share a few quick things before the month is out and we say goodbye to 2013. First off, I want to give something away. Feztive Photo Challenges If you have been following along you might have seen me mentioning that I have been working on a fez stand concept. Well with the holiday break upon us I think I will be able to make some...

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Ok, the time has come for me to draw a winner. Here is a collage of all of the entries for the month after hitting random a few times. There are 64 total photos but that includes my posts as well and since I don’t really need an extra day of being Fezmonger I can’t win. So if the random number lands on my photo (or any other ineligible entry) we will roll again. I haven’t looked at the collage since hitting the randomize button so let’s draw the number first. The first number is: 61 Ok, I’m counting down...

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It’s the fifth and final week of our June challenge which means this week I will be compiling all of the entries and drawing a winner! This month one lucky Fez Head will get to play Fezmonger for a day and have a hand in designing a special Fez of the Week! Tune in Monday for the full month’s collage and see who wins this auspicious honor! Since we will be out of town next week we will kick off the next challenge in a few weeks but we will still be posting Fez Friday shots from the road!

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The collection from week 4 of our current run of Fez Fridays. Only one more to go before we draw a winner and crown them Fezmonger for a Day! So post your fez photos this Friday the 29th for your last chance to enter into the drawing to guide my hand for a Fez of the Week!

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