Merry Fezmas!

We hope this newsletter finds you enjoying whatever end-of-year Winter celebration you choose to celebrate! I know we are all inundated with seasonal greetings from every retailer with an email account but I wanted to share a few quick things before the month is out and we say goodbye to 2013. First off, I want to give something away.

Feztive Photo Challenges

standsIf you have been following along you might have seen me mentioning that I have been working on a fez stand concept. Well with the holiday break upon us I think I will be able to make some headway with this. As such I want to give away a few of the prototypes. You have two chances to win! We will be doing one give-away this week and another one next week for New Years celebrations. Here’s how it will work: I’m looking for the best holiday fez photos you can take. This can be at a party, around the tree surrounded by your family or however you choose to celebrate. The photo must feature one of our fezzes (obviously) and be posted to either Twitter or Instagram using the tag #FeztivePhoto. Be sure to tag me as well so I don’t miss it. @fezmonger on Twitter or use the new Fezogram account on Instagram. You have until Sunday the 29th to post the holiday photo and then until the 5th to post the New Years edition. We will judge all of the photos and announce the winner on the following Mondays. I’m still sorting out the final design of the fez stand but you can get a good idea of what I’m working on by the photo above. freedonian.png

Speaking of New Years

Around here we have a tradition of ending our year the same way we begin it, by watching Marx Brothers movies. Our annual marathon begins on the 31st and runs into the start of the new year and is a great way to bookend a trip around the sun with laughter. To mark this year’s celebration we’re going to put all of our in-stock Freedonian fezzes on deep discount. This is a great opportunity to pick up one of these classic fezzes, so watch for the sale to start on December 26th.

Back-orders now available

backorder-slider Now that we have survived the Christmas Fez Rush, we’ve flipped on the Back-order option on a few of the fez styles that have nearly sold-out. Some of these designs will be retired soon, so if you wanted to get one before it is too late, you can put your order in now. We will be working over the holidays (because that is what we do) to get them to you as soon as possible.   …and on the off-chance you still need a last-minute gift

Give a last-minute Gift Certificate

gift-teaser Let them figure out what they want.
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