June Fez Friday Winner!

Ok, the time has come for me to draw a winner. Here is a collage of all of the entries for the month after hitting random a few times. There are 64 total photos but that includes my posts as well and since I don’t really need an extra day of being Fezmonger I can’t win. So if the random number lands on my photo (or any other ineligible entry) we will roll again. I haven’t looked at the collage since hitting the randomize button so let’s draw the number first.

The first number is: 61

Ok, I’m counting down from 64 this time… and it lands on @h4llows_eve’s bonus photo of her adorable kids. Darn.
Damn, as much as I would like to give them the opportunity to collectively be Fezmonger for a Day bonus shots are not eligible for winning. Back to the Randomizer! After a random number of hits on the randomizer button…

The Second Number is: 41

…and the winner is @Charliemoore79!

For his Fez Friday Table Top photo. I believe this is the first win for Charlie, which is kind of cool since he has been one of the most consistent participants in Fez Friday. See people it pays to play every week! Charlie I will be in touch with you to discuss your decisions as…
Fezmonger for a Day!
We’re off for our Holiday Road Trip, let’s see those holiday fez photos and we will start our next photo challenge in a couple of weeks.
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