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We honor the great adventurers and heroes of the space race, the Space Chimp. Daring to go where no man has gone... until at least a few monkeys went there first and safely returned with no discernible ill effects beyond the trauma of being shoved into a capsule with little to no explanation of how this was going to benefit them or their species beyond scoring a few bananas on the return... but I digress. The latest in our now notorious obsession with creating designs featuring primates wearing awesome headgear on a fez, the Space Chimp fez features the hero...

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As our Con season begins to draw to an end, I will finally get the time to release some of our new designs into the wild (before things get crazy with the Holiday stuff.) So get ready for a succession of new things in the coming weeks. First up: The Barn Owl I have been wanting to do a natural study of a bird in flight wrapped across the front on a fez for some time now. I have been incorporating wings in a number of designs in various styles recently and wanted to challenge myself to do something a...

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