The Space Chimp Fez

space-monk We honor the great adventurers and heroes of the space race, the Space Chimp. Daring to go where no man has gone... until at least a few monkeys went there first and safely returned with no discernible ill effects beyond the trauma of being shoved into a capsule with little to no explanation of how this was going to benefit them or their species beyond scoring a few bananas on the return... but I digress. The latest in our now notorious obsession with creating designs featuring primates wearing awesome headgear on a fez, the Space Chimp fez features the hero of the Central Committee of the Monkey Party on a low profile blue velvet fez. It is the perfect fez for those that dream of leaving the bonds of gravity in Soviet area technology, which I am told you can still do if you have the money and aren't terribly concerned about a return flight. Actually you would be far better off donning one of these fezzes and leaving the dangers of space travel to those hairy apes of yore.

The Space Chimp Fez is available now!

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