The Barn Owl Fez

As our Con season begins to draw to an end, I will finally get the time to release some of our new designs into the wild (before things get crazy with the Holiday stuff.) So get ready for a succession of new things in the coming weeks.

First up: The Barn Owl

barnowl I have been wanting to do a natural study of a bird in flight wrapped across the front on a fez for some time now. I have been incorporating wings in a number of designs in various styles recently and wanted to challenge myself to do something a bit more representational. I just couldn’t decide on the type of the bird I wanted to do, that is until I was watching Labyrinth and realized I needed to do an owl. I chose the Barn Owl, partly because of its iconic face but mostly because of its symbolism throughout the ages. While owls have often been associated with knowledge, wisdom and patience, the Barn Owl is also often thought of as a harbinger of evil news or a vessel of the dead. Of course this is all likely because of the unique feathers that give the owl its silent flight. Tyto Alba adorns this low profile fez in our lustrous Navy Blue velvet. Commonly know as the Demon Owl, Death Owl and Ghost Owl; the Barn Owl has long been feared as an evil omen in rural communities despite the benefits these birds often provide. Owls are also widely considered to be symbols of wisdom and patience which raises more than a few questions about rural communities and the consistency of their beliefs. The Barn Owl fez is the perfect fez to wear when you need a bit of a boost to your knowledge base, or just want to silently coast through the halls looking for prey. Wear it to your next trivia night, magic show or collegiate dissertation.

The Barn owl Fez is available now!

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