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Tiki Oasis Preview #7 This very special fez is inspired by a very special performer. As the real live inspiration for our Mermaid Fez, MeduSirena Marina gets her very own variant fez to debut at Tiki Oasis! The fez features Marina’s trademark red and gold costume and has her logo on the back magically etched into the velvet! MeduSirena recreates the magic of retro-aquatic performances and when she’s not thrilling the crowds with her fire dancing or taking to the Wreck Bar pool with the MeduSirena Mermaid Pod, she’s inspiring artists like myself to create tributes to her talent. Learn...

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As many of you know, in a few weeks is the annual Tiki Oasis weekend in beautiful San Diego California August 18th to the 21st. This is the event that inspired us to create this business 7 years ago and is still a very big weekend for us creatively. Each year we introduce new designs, limited editions and the ongoing tweaks and improvements to our award winning booth. This year we may have gotten a bit carried away. The last few weeks I have been rather quiet on the blog as we have had our heads down toiling away on...

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This week’s fez is one of my spur of the moment designs. I brought my sketchbook to lunch on Monday and while waiting for my food I began sketching mermaid ideas. Turns out mermaids have been on my mind lately. I have been working on a velvet painting of my take on a mermaid for the Tiki Oasis art show in August. I should also point out that Tiki Oasis will have my favorite real live mermaid Marina the Fire Eating Mermaid in attendance. I actually have her show banner from last year painted by Thor hanging in our studio....

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