#70 The MeduSirena Fez

MeduSirenaTiki Oasis Preview #7

This very special fez is inspired by a very special performer. As the real live inspiration for our Mermaid Fez, MeduSirena Marina gets her very own variant fez to debut at Tiki Oasis! The fez features Marina’s trademark red and gold costume and has her logo on the back magically etched into the velvet! MeduSirena-tag MeduSirena recreates the magic of retro-aquatic performances and when she’s not thrilling the crowds with her fire dancing or taking to the Wreck Bar pool with the MeduSirena Mermaid Pod, she’s inspiring artists like myself to create tributes to her talent. Learn more about Marina and her shows at www.MeduSirena.com We’ll have 25 of this unique fez at Tiki Oasis next weekend and like the rest of these preview designs we will be putting them on the website as soon as we recover from all of the fun.
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