Tiki Oasis Preview #1

As many of you know, in a few weeks is the annual Tiki Oasis weekend in beautiful San Diego California August 18th to the 21st. This is the event that inspired us to create this business 7 years ago and is still a very big weekend for us creatively. Each year we introduce new designs, limited editions and the ongoing tweaks and improvements to our award winning booth. This year we may have gotten a bit carried away. The last few weeks I have been rather quiet on the blog as we have had our heads down toiling away on fezzes… lots and lots of fezzes. Now the PT Barnum side of me would like to keep everything under wraps until the big day but I realize many of our customers are spread across all parts of the globe and will not likely be able to attend the big event, so over the next three weeks we will be posting previews of the coming designs. While many of these will be limited editions and possibly sell-out at the event, anything that escapes the tiki hoards will be posted for sale on the website as soon as we recover. So let’s kick off the the series with a recently teased style and a last chance reminder:

The Mermaid Fez

I presented this design as a Fez of the Week -right before going into crunch mode- and after getting a lot of great feedback, decided to make a small batch of these for Tiki Oasis 11. If you can’t make it to the event to grab one in person, fear not! These will be added to our regular production and we will launch a pre-order for those interested but not attending Tiki Oasis around the 18th. We have a lot of cool things coming and we don’t want anyone to feel like they jumped the gun by ordering too soon. Keep you eyes on these posts to see what I mean.

Last Call on the Tiki Oasis Fez!

If you were holding off on ordering your Limited Edition Tiki Oasis Fez so you could pick one out in person I’m afraid time is running out.

We only have 6 left!

Any that are not spoken for in the next week will be made in our most popular sizes for sale at the event. If you crunch those numbers, that means there will likely be maybe few sizes covered and only one per size available. If you would like to pre-order your Tiki Oasis Fez and avoid the extra shipping costs, we will be once again offering our will-call service at the hotel. Simply place your order and choose the Event Pick-up as your shipping option. You will be able to pick up your new fez at the Fez-o-rama booth on Saturday the 19th or if you want to get it early to wear during the evening shows let us know when you order and we’ll plan a hand off. Order yours here! In fact, if you are attending Tiki Oasis and have an eye on one of our current fezzes, feel free to use the Event Pick-up option as well. We simply can’t pack all of our new styles and all of our current stock, so if there is a non-tiki themed fez you want, it is best you let us know in advance.
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