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This week we are introducing a special variant of our Freedonian Fez. The The Freedonian Elite Fez is the headgear of choice of the Freedonian Elite Guards… that or it was the hat worn by Firefly’s backroom poker cronies. Honestly we aren’t very clear on our fictional histories… or is that historic fictions. What we do know is this Freedonian Fez is red… which makes it go faster? Look, it’s late. I have to fly to Seattle in the morning and this should have been posted a week ago when it was made. We’ve got a small batch of these...

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Hail Hail the Fez of the Week! To mark April Fool’s Day (and yes, my birthday) I felt it was only appropriate to make this week’s fez a tribute to some of my greatest comedy idols, one of my favorite films and well, the guy that first inspired me to don the fez. We are proud to present the Freedonian Fez! The headwear of choice for those living in the Land of the Spree and the Home of the Knave! This High Profile Mark VI fez features the regal seal of Freedonia embroidered in glorious color with a matching gold...

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