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#55 The Freedonian Fez


Hail Hail the Fez of the Week!

To mark April Fool’s Day (and yes, my birthday) I felt it was only appropriate to make this week’s fez a tribute to some of my greatest comedy idols, one of my favorite films and well, the guy that first inspired me to don the fez. We are proud to present the Freedonian Fez! The headwear of choice for those living in the Land of the Spree and the Home of the Knave! This High Profile Mark VI fez features the regal seal of Freedonia embroidered in glorious color with a matching gold tassel. This one is a birthday gift to myself but if you are interested in showing your allegiance to his Excellency Rufus T. Firefly then let me know. If there is interest I may consider doing a run of these.


  • Van_wink

    Hail, Hail YES!
    6 million Freedonian rivets? Why that’ outrageous. I’ll take two.
    And what about the tax? We must take up the tax before we can take up the carpet.
    Seriously, I’ll pre-pay to pre-order a large.

  • Seth

    I’ll buy one!

  • Stephanie

    I would guess that the squealing sounds coming from my husband and the outbreak of song would constitute a vote of “Oh, hells yes!”

  • Ambassador Trentino

    Yes please!

  • Santaclauscar

    I so want one of these.  This is The one, I believe.

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