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We did a 2013 variation on our D20 design as a Fez of the Week right before the New Year and that went so quickly we thought we would roll up another Limited Edition fez. This time we went with the standard colors of our initial D20 fez but set to that number that makes the Triskaidekaphobics quake in their boots. This variation is limited to only 20 fezzes! See what we did there? Once these are gone we will be moving on to something else so don’t dawdle. Already own a D20 fez? Then this is a perfect addition...

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The final Fez of the Week for 2012 is the perfect fez to wear while ringing in the New Year! This special edition features our D20 design, rolled to 13, on a low profile black fez. The monochrome design makes it just the thing to wear to your next black tie affair or formal gaming event. Now here is the catch, this fez will be available for pre-order for only a week and production will begin on December 19th when I return from my Holiday trip. This of course means that once we start shipping, it will be right at...

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We’re finally getting back into the groove of things after the turning of the year and what better way to start 2012 and a new year of fezzery than with a critical roll on the Die of Fate! This week’s fez features that notorious icosahedron of chance: the 20 sided die. The crown jewel of many a gamer’s dice bag and the envy of Yahtzee players everywhere. Embroidered in deep red on an even deeper red velvet background with the namesake number in gold. This elegant fez is the perfect topper for those times when you know luck is on...

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