#100 The D20-13 Fez

D20-13The final Fez of the Week for 2012 is the perfect fez to wear while ringing in the New Year! This special edition features our D20 design, rolled to 13, on a low profile black fez. The monochrome design makes it just the thing to wear to your next black tie affair or formal gaming event. Now here is the catch, this fez will be available for pre-order for only a week and production will begin on December 19th when I return from my Holiday trip. This of course means that once we start shipping, it will be right at the peak of the Holiday shipping rush so I can not guarantee that a fez can reach your corner of the Earth before New Years Eve. So if you are an international order please keep that in mind. We will ship them as soon as possible and it’s not like you can only wear this on that one particular night.
Take a chance and roll the dice that the New Year will be better than average!

Pre-order by the 18th. Production begins December 19th.

This edition is closed
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