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The mighty molecule of inspiration on our stylish Chapeau! Our new Caffeine Chapeau features the molecular structure of everyone's favorite addictive substance rendered warm metallic tones coordinating to each atom. This unisex design is the perfect thing to wear at the lab, the chemistry classroom or to your day job dispensing piping hot brownian motion to the sleepy masses. The Caffeine Chapeau made its debut at the Emerald City Comicon at the end of march and quickly sold out, but they are back in production and ready to go! Hop on over the store page and get your own chapeau...

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Just in time for St. Valentine's Day! The problem with making designs for specific holidays is I seldom think far enough in advance to plan for to get the fezzes shipped in time. Case in point: when I was asked if we had anything planned for Valentine's Day this week I assumed I had until next month to worry about it. Of course next month begins in two days and we're going to be spending the first week of it travelling to New Orleans for a comic con. Needless to say if anything was going to happen for Valentine's Day...

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A special fez for a special time of year. This December 25th we will be reminded, once again of the love, compassion and sacrifice that outlasts time… and space. Two hearts united to make the universe a better place. To celebrate this passing of the ages, we have created a special Fez of the Week! The Eternal Hearts Fez features a pair of the sacred symbol of love wrapped in an infinity swirl of blue and joined by a solitary crimson crystal and is available on both a Low-Profile Fez as well as our new Chapeau style. To continue the...

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We’re only 8 days into the month but we have so much going on I needed to put out another newsletter! The D20 Tassel Leash After nearly a year we have finally added a new design to our collection of Bronze Tassel Leashes. Seen here pinned to the side of our Table Top Gamer Fez, the D20 Pin is available in either yellow or white bronze and features a hidden cord channel and a double set of tie-tack pins to firmly hold your tassel in place. The D20 Pin is a perfect addition to any fez and a great way...

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When we introduced the Flying Martini Chapeau last month I suspected it might be popular, I just wasn’t prepared for the level of response we got. So after collecting our supplies, and girding our loins, we are ready to bring them back for a full production run, but we didn’t stop there! We’re thrilled to present: The Flying Martini Fez! It’s the same airborne cocktail on a special two-tone black velvet and leopard tipped fez! We scaled the design up a bit for the larger surface but it is the same swanky colors and plush leopard velvet on the top....

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