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The mighty molecule of inspiration on our stylish Chapeau! Our new Caffeine Chapeau features the molecular structure of everyone's favorite addictive substance rendered warm metallic tones coordinating to each atom. This unisex design is the perfect thing to wear at the lab, the chemistry classroom or to your day job dispensing piping hot brownian motion to the sleepy masses. The Caffeine Chapeau made its debut at the Emerald City Comicon at the end of march and quickly sold out, but they are back in production and ready to go! Hop on over the store page and get your own chapeau...

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We're celebrating 20 years of Hellboy™ with a special Limited Edition variant of our 2013 Hellboy™ design. This month many are celebrating two decades of Mike Mignola's amazing creation, Hellboy™. The demon that fights on humanity's side has been featured in comics, big screen epics and animated films; and continues to inspire and amaze fans all over the world. We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to collaborate with Mike on a few fez designs already and we just couldn't pass up this opportunity to add our little bit to the festivities. This will be a very limited run of...

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We’re bringing back Fez of the Week #103 for another round! Many moons ago a Twitter discussion with my friends @lartist and @adampknave turned to the topic of bacon and its need to be featured on a fez. In the end I told Lar if he could come up with something appropriate I would turn it into thread and put it on a fez. Well as in most things, many days passed and the notion of a bacon themed fez drifted to that place in my head where most of the good ideas settle down, find mates and raise families, never to be heard...

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We return to our Fez of the Week project with a special update to one of our past fezzes. A couple of years ago we had the honor of making the first official TWiT fez for one of our idols, Leo Laporte. We first met Leo in person when we went to visit his studio where he was producing his This Week in Tech netcasts as well as many other shows that make up the TWiT Network. Leo and his network have continued to evolve and grow and last year they up and moved into their glamorous TWiT Brick House studio...

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Our obsession with skulls goes multi-cultural! Last year's experimental Sugar Skull fez design returns in a new white on black production run! Our Dia De Los Muertos themed design is back by popular demand. The Calavera Fez features our inverted South of the Border Sugar Skull design on a classy Low Profile black velvet fez. It's the perfect fez for ancestral worship, celebrating those that came before us or have moved on ahead of their time... or while drinking taquila, not that those are mutually exclusive activities... not by a long shot. The Sugar Skull design was first created for...

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