Custom Fezzes

Custom Commissioned Fezzes

We know what you're thinking, "These designs are cool and all, but what I would really like to have is..."

Well, here is the deal - We actually do offer our fez making skills for clubs, bands, and those special projects that we find inspiring. Unfortunately, we have a rather limited amount of time to focus on these projects, depending on the time of year and what events are on our schedule. If you have a special request that you think would inspire us to make a special fez, please let us know.

If you have a club, secret society, or organization that would like unique fezzes, you may be able to commission the artists here at Fez-o-rama. The minimum order is 13 total fezzes, as you really can't have a good secret society with less than 13. We can mix the sizes of fezzes but mixing the style of fezzes or including chapeaus, might require separate embroidery designs (due to the difference in embroider-able space)  and may incur extra design costs. The cost per fez will depend on the design but you can get an idea by referencing our current styles, as our commissioned fez prices have ranged from $65 to $235+ USD per fez, depending on the complexity of the fez and the design requirements.  Embroidery design fees range from $150 to $300, again depending on the complexity of the project. Designing the embroidery is a hands-on artistic process, and our average design goes through over 6 hours of design with multiple test runs and modifications.

While you're thinking about what you would like on your fez, please keep in mind a few things: (these answers would be handy to send to us in the email by the way... just a thought)

- The fez style, Low or High
- The velvet color (take a look in the Labs and Current fezzes for examples)
- Tassel color?
- Venting options?
- Lasered?  *waitwhat?!?*  Yes - we have a laser that can etch within .005" and makes a nice subtle addition. Laser engraving is priced on the overall area engraved so large designs may not be cost-effective.

Finally - the artwork.

When working up concepts consider the color of the fez. Creating artwork on a white page will create a false sense of contrast. Due to the nature of velvet and how it reflects light, it tends to absorb the darker colors of the design. The artwork should fit in a 5" x 4.25" area  for a tall fez and 5" x 3.25" for a low-profile, but there exceptions to that which we can chat about later.

To see how an image would look - reduce it to 100 DPI, make it 8-bit, and choose 10 or fewer colors.  This will better represent the resolution of embroidered thread. You'll see that fine line detail and lettering don't tend to look so good. Also the way light refracts off of the thread creates visual noise and adds a good deal of visual complexity to the designs. When you're done, send the image, along with its back-story, and we'll chat about it to see if it's a project we could get behind.

Also keep in mind it does take between two to three months to co-ordinate, test, produce, lose, make excuses, find, and ship custom commissioned fezzes - but that can all be delayed by 'real world' stuff - so if your event is in the next week, I don't think we'll be able to help and if we have a show coming up, I know we won't be able to help. (unless you have a LOT of money to help us forget the real world.)

If you are a performer or have a band and are looking for creative fezzes feel free to contact us and let us know what you do. We tend to bend the rules to help art. You see, it is the creativity that we do this for, so you never know what we might consider to be a brilliant idea and if we are inspired, we just may be able to help you out.

Before you send an Email have you looked at the FAQs?

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