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We've upgraded our Cthulhu Chapeau with more saturation and even more insanity! Our Lovecraftian inspired design returns in even more color: The Cthulhu Cthorps Elite Chapeau! The Art Deco styled militarized look featured on the original Cthulhu Cthorps Chapeau is rendered in vibrant greens on a royal purple velvet. This one if for those of you not afraid of a little color, or waking up the sleeping gods that will devour the Earth. Hear the Call of Cthulhu and prepare to serve! ...or be served. What, with all of the devouring and such. The Cthulhu Cthorps ~ Elite - The Few. The Proud. The really...

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Our stylish Tea Cup and Cross Spoons design returns as a purple velvet variant! I type this between sips of Darjeeling. Tea is a major part of my day and second only to water as the world's beverage of choice. A bitter-sweet Brownian motion that built commerce empires and sacred rituals. Our Tea Cup and Cross Spoons design originally appeared as a Limited Edition Tweed design. That edition has sold out but the design lives on in this purple velvet variant. This fez celebrates our love of this ancient drink and is the perfect fez to wear while sipping a nice warm "cuppa"....

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I really wasn't expecting to do another one of these this year. I don't have that many creative heroes left that were so integral to my growth as a person. Prince was the biggest. I spent countless hours working on design projects with his movies playing on a loop to keep me company. I marked the passage of time by which one of his albums was playing on repeat on my turntable, my tape deck, CD player, MP3 player and now streaming. His sense of style, his fearless desire to do something new, even his battle with the corporate powers...

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Fez of the Week, low, mardi gras, New Orleans, purple -

Just in time for Fat Tuesday, we present the Fleur-de-lis Fez! This Limited Edition of 25 fezzes features a golden Fleur-de-lis on a regal purple low-profile fez. Don this fez as a sign that you intend to squeeze the last bit of decadence out of the month before the religious obligations of Lent come crashing down. It's the perfect fez to wear while sipping a sazerac. We created the Fleur-de-lis Fez for our appearance at the New Orleans Comic Con last year and after shipping everything back home, we promptly misplaced them neglecting to even photograph one let alone post...

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