#143 The Mystic Eye ~ Purple One Memorial Edition

#143 The Mystic Eye ~ Purple One Memorial Edition

I really wasn't expecting to do another one of these this year. I don't have that many creative heroes left that were so integral to my growth as a person. Prince was the biggest. I spent countless hours working on design projects with his movies playing on a loop to keep me company. I marked the passage of time by which one of his albums was playing on repeat on my turntable, my tape deck, CD player, MP3 player and now streaming. His sense of style, his fearless desire to do something new, even his battle with the corporate powers that be, influenced our world. Every incarnation defined what it meant to be an artist.

I could go on about his music but I honestly don't have the words right now. I just keep thinking about all of the times I argued for his genius status with other musicians and music fans. It took me a while to understand that not everyone feels the funk. I pity them.

The Mystic Eye ~ Purple One Edition

So once again I am in the awkward position of creating a memorial fez. I made this to help me process what he meant to me, and how much influence he had on my creativity. I struggled with far more complex and creative ideas, but in the end I think this slight variation of my Mystic Eye fez sums up what I am feeling today. Prince made me more daring, more funky, and put a great deal more purple in my wardrobe. Ultimately he left me enlightened and today, quite sad.Prince-Eye

The picture you see is the fez I made to wear in my current avatar. It is mine to help me mourn and process what all of this means but loss is something we all share. So if you would like to have one of your own, we will be making these to order for the next week. I will do what I can to get them out as fast as possible but we do have a show at the end of the month so I apologize for any delays. As always the earlier you order the better. Now let's go crazy.

Place your order by April 29th. The final batch will begin on May 2nd.

*UPDATE* I've added an option for the much requested chapeau version. I'll post a photo as soon as the first ones are made. I can make Small through 5X of these. If you need a 6X or 7X contact me. I might be able to do it but it would be in a slightly different purple velvet.

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