DDMTA, Fez in the Wild, film, Muskrat Club, PSA -

Two years ago we had the pleasure of creating a special design for a really cool project. Now, after what feels like an eternity to our instant-gratification brains, we have a big news. The official trailer for Diani and Devine Meet the Apocalypse has been released and the movie will première at the Austin Film Festival in October!  The Muskrat Club Fez was created for the members of the mysterious Muskrat Club, a secret society for the rich and powerful that Diani & Devine run into during their search for a safe place to survive the apocalypse. These fezzes are worn in the...

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APE, Con Preview, Dragon*Con, GenCon, PSA, Strange Folk -

We nearly to the final leg of the 2016 Con Season! Six shows are already drifting off into memory but we've got some big cons coming up on the horizon. Four shows in four different states and three of them are first time gigs for us. August brings Gen Con, September we have Dragon Con and the Strange Folk Festival, and October starts with the Alternative Press Expo. Things are about to get crazy out there and it couldn't come soon enough, I'm already getting stir crazy in the studio and it's only the 2nd week of July. The Upcoming Shows...

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Con Preview, conference, Dapper Day, fez-o-booth, PSA -

Join us as we make the short trek over to Anaheim for the Dapper Day Expo at the Disneyland Hotel Exhibit Hall. While this isn't our first foray into the Disneyland Resort, this is our first time participating in the Dapper Day festivities and we're really excited about this show. We love to dress up, the show looks like a lot of fun with live music and dancing, and it is free to the public! There is a special Early Bird Entry package for Sat 10-noon that gets you in before the general public and even comes with breakfast and some...

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all sizes, last call, low, low profile, PSA -

It's time for a little Spring Cleaning!   We've hit that point of the year where we need to impose some order on our chaotic lives. The first wave of the 2016 Con Season has passed and we need to start planning for the next batch of shows. Since our focus has always been on creating new stuff, we are forced to make the hard decisions about which designs need to be retired to clear some space for future designs. We try to bring something new to each show and we have a limited amount of space in the booth, so...

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Comic Con, Con Preview, NYCC, PSA, road trip, shipping -

Phase Two of our 2015 Con Season wraps up this week with a trip to New York! October 6th – October 15th we will be out of the studio exhibiting at New York Comic Con for the first time. This will easily be the largest convention we have ever taken part in and we're a little freaked out. The booth has been boxed up – along with all of the fezzes that would fit – and shipped off already. We’ll be following along this week with the rest of our wares in tow. As usual this means that there will be shipping delays while...

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