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This week’s fez is a test of a new fabric we found recently. This synthetic “leather” is actually created in a similar fashion to our velvet but this has a waxed finish that creates the worn leather look you see here. We decided to test out the small bit of fabric we have by creating this variant of our classic Clockwork Fez. This photo also features one of our newest tassel colors that will be added to our site in the near future. We are working on securing more of this style of fabric and we have a few more...

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Our classic gorilla design returns for a final hurrah as a Mark VI fez before we send him off to the Retired Designs column. To make this batch a little special we decided to follow the lead of one of our great customers and adopt one of his end user mods. That’s right, we’ve lit the gorilla’s stogie with a single crimson rhinestone. If you don’t already have your own gorilla fez then this is your last chance to pick one up. Act quickly because once these are gone we will be retiring this embroidery file to make room for...

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It’s the Coconut Monkey’s red headed step-brother! We’re finally getting back to the sort of thing that started this blog, posting the random fezzes we create while developing new designs. This week we have the return of the Shamrock Monkey. The original Shamrock Monkey was a special seasonal design that was only available for a few weeks last year as a special request. Soon after we put him to bed for the year I realized what I need to do for the next go-round… make him a ginger! This Fez of the Week is a color test for the new...

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The Fezmonger gave to me Nine Burning Hearts Eight Tiki Sun Gods Seven Swank Afriti Six Monkey Skulls Five Soviet Deluxe! Four Blue Atomics Three Voodoo Zombies Two Grouchy Gorillas and A fez with a Lono Tiki It’s a 20% off Fezmas Miracle sale!

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Just in time for that last minute shopping! Our Clockwork design returns for a third round on yet another type of velvet. This time we have a soft brown velvet with a pebbled texture that makes for one comfy fez. This is also the first of the Clockworks to be featured on our new Mark VI fez design. The key difference between the MK V and the VI is the new addition of an antique copper tassel grommet. I plan to do a full write up on the new improvements in a future post. For now all you need to...

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