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the Fezmonger gave to me, A fez with a Lono Tiki It’s a 20% off Fezmas Miracle sale!

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Our latest production fez features the return of one of our most recent designs. The Lono debuted at Tiki Oasis 10 on an extremely limited edition on sueded mahogany velvet. Well those quickly found new homes and at the time of this post, only a single size Small remains. Well for those of you that missed out on the special edition or perhaps were just waiting for a more formal look, we now present the Lono on lava black velvet. This is one the more traditional looking tiki designs we have done and felt it was only fitting that we...

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Fez Friday, Lono, PSA, update -

Sheesh! Things have been so crazy since we returned from Tiki Oasis I have now resorted to writing posts on my phone. I had hoped to put together a proper Fez of the Week post on Monday but I spent that time working on new designs. So instead of giving you a new fez I'm going to do a quick rundown of what we are up to. The Limited Edition fezzes from Tiki Oasis are going fast. In fact all that is left of the Lono is a single Small. While there won't be more Lonos produced on the mohogany...

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