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Just in time for St Patrick's Day! We are proud to announce the next round in our growing tradition of primate themed fezzes: The Shamrock Monkey! This rare emerald green fez features the not so distant "Irish" cousin of our Coconut Monkey doing what he does best... being hammered. So celebrate your Irish-American heritage (or your relative vicinity to an Irish American) with this stylish cap. Nothing says "Raise your pint and lower your expectations!" like a Holiday fez with an inebriated monkey embroidered on the front.You can thank 'Meat' from 105.9 The BUZZ in Sarasota Florida, for this inspired fez. He needed something special for...

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We're coming close to running out of the fabric used to make this special "Thank You" fez! Only 13 of these fezzes will be made and 9 have been claimed so far! They are all gone! Don't forget, I'm also offering to make last year's Fez-o-rama Fez on 2-tone with black and leopard print velvets if you still want to be rewarded for your generous donations. Head on over to the info page on Fez-o-rama.com to learn more and please help me spread the word. Fight Cancer : Get a Fez!

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The first batch of the charity fezzes are nearly done and will be heading to their generous new owners this week. I will likely start on the next batch this weekend. These Limited Edition fezzes are cut from tapa cloth out of my personal stash and I only have enough fabric to make about 13 of these fezzes. So if you are interested in getting one of these Limited Edition gems, I suggest you act quickly. Just follow the link to learn how to make your tax deductible donation and I will gladly reward your generosity with a special fez....

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The heartless ( but surprisingly efficient) Robots have returned to oppress us with their superior sense of order! Our only recourse: Silly hats! See, their logic circuits will be overwhelmed as they try to make sense of our jaunty chapeaus celebrating their arrival whilst we undermine their objectives by looking swanky! ...OK, so I haven't worked out all of the fine details on this but trust me, based on the reactions we get from the traitorous human automatons walking the street, these fezzes have some serious stupefying powers that will be necessary if we have any hope to overthrow the...

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500,000,000 years in the making and long over due, we are now proud to bring you the Silver Trilobite Fez! This production fez features a 3 color embroidery design on slate blue velvet done up in our traditional Tall Fez style.Head on over to the site to get yours before another 500,000,000 years go by! $50+ship

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