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Rules? Yeah we got those… Well, it wouldn’t be much of a contest without a bunch of convoluted rules, so here goes: Photos must feature you wearing one of your Fez-o-rama fezzes. Not your fez on a shelf,  pet or lawn gnome. (those challenges comes later) Photos must be taken and posted on Friday where ever you happen to be. If you are taking photos with a camera and posting them to Flickr I suggest you check your clock settings… otherwise how the hell am I supposed to know? Group photos will only count for the one posting the image....

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Tomorrow we hit the road to Las Vegas for Mondo Lounge III but that doesn't mean we're not having another fun filled Fez Friday! We'll be posting from the road and from the Palms Hotel for the great Sin City Fez-Up! There will be all sorts of people dressed up and sporting the best in brimless hats. So grab your fez, your finest mid-century threads and swing by the Fez-o-rama Booth in the Shag Room. We'll be vending all night! Follow me on Twitter to get the play by play updates. We've also set up a Flickr group for all...

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