Fez Fridays

I say it is time we stake a claim on the end of the work week. For years we  have suffered under the tyranny Casual Fridays. Sure it released many a wage ape from the burden of wearing a tie but it quickly devolved into something akin to the dress code enforced at the local laundromat. Sure Fridays have become a traditional day of fashion as people gear down for the weekend but is that really what you want to be doing? Wouldn't you rather be gearing *up* for the weekend? The next time you wake up on a Friday rebel against the status quo! Don't just dress down for the end of the week, don a fez and stake an early claim on the weekend. Sure your weekend may not physically start for another 12 hours but it is never too soon to start the preshow. It doesn't matter what you do, whether you are wearing a 3 piece suit or coveralls, go forth into the weekend head first! To support this endeavor we will be planning all sorts of random things from Fez-ups in public places, live chat sessions, contests and giveaways. If you send in photos of yourself taking part in Fez Fridays I will proudly feature them here and may even send you something special in return. So on October 1st don't mourn the loss of Summer, celebrate the start of Fez Fridays! Confuse your co-workers! Change your avatars to Fezatars! Plan a Fez-up with your friends or better yet, strangers! ...can it get any stranger when a bunch of fezthusiasts? If you are in Southern California next week, keep an eye on the blog. We will be announcing our plans for our first Fez Friday Fez-up very soon. Look for updates here on the blog as well as on Twitter @fezmonger.
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