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This just in: It’s Cephalopod Awareness Days this week! Who knew? Well sure the fine folks at Cephalopod.org probably knew. What’s more is today is apparently dedicated to the cephalopods of mythology. Far be it from us to ignore the importance of this auspicious day so in honor of our tentacled creatures of lore, we are putting all of our cephalopod related fezzes on sale! That means you have until the end of tomorrow to get a special discount on any of the Mimic, Cthulhu, Mystic Order of Elder Gods, and even the brand new Ub’thulhu fezzes currently in stock....

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As Fezmonger, I of course spend a good amount of time contemplating the inevitable fall of mankind. It is the burden of the job. We’ve covered robot uprisings, zombie outbreak and wholesale existential foreclosure by a slumbering god. So what, you may ask, is the next great threat to our existence? Well, it is nothing so insidious or obvious as those. I propose that our downfall will not come from some great unimaginable horror but from something we already take for granted. I present to you the humble cephalopod. I fear we have gravely underestimated these amazing creatures and will...

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