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Just in time for St. Valentine's Day! The problem with making designs for specific holidays is I seldom think far enough in advance to plan for to get the fezzes shipped in time. Case in point: when I was asked if we had anything planned for Valentine's Day this week I assumed I had until next month to worry about it. Of course next month begins in two days and we're going to be spending the first week of it travelling to New Orleans for a comic con. Needless to say if anything was going to happen for Valentine's Day...

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Love. Life’s most dangerous bio hazard. It is highly contagious, aggressively alters brain chemistry and has been known to kill the host organism. It is the blame for numerous great wars and a never-ending flood of bad poetry. An entire holiday was even created to exploit this pathogen and to ply its victims with low-grade confections and plant clippings …and who are we to miss out on the fun?!? New for Valentine’s Day we present: The Biohazard Fez – Valentine’s Day Edition! What better way to show your love than with a fez that says “Hey, I will risk being...

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This week’s fez is part of our Truth in Advertising series. I mean let’s face it, if you are wearing a fez with a biohazard symbol on it there is a pretty good chance you are at least a minor threat to those around you. This is one of the design ideas that was in my sketch when we first thought up Fez-o-rama way back in the early 90’s. It was also one of the designs I planned to do when I started up the Fez of the Week blog and every time some one asked me about why I...

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