Size chart

Head Measurement
(less than or equal to)

Then you are a


Fez size:

Chapeau size:



22.5″ 22.5
23″ 23 Medium
23.5″ 23.5
24″ 24 Large
24.5″ 24.5
25″ 25 XL
25.5″ 25.5
26″  26 (on request)
26.5″ 26.5 (on request)

We can also go ‘outside’ the norm when it comes to making either end of the fez scale – from 20.5" to 26.5".  However, these can only be done for designs that are currently in production or private custom orders, and we do need a tad bit of lead time.  Send us an email and we’ll see what we can do.

For more info on how to properly measure your head [click here]

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