Care and Feeding

We recommend hand washing with Woolite or similar (first remove the tassel) and then air drying the fez.

Ideally you want to shape it back into its fez form and prop it up so the bottom edge isn’t being crushed and air can flow. A tall can or jar can often do the trick.

We have had friends run a fez through the delicate cycle in a machine but you will ultimately shorten the lifespan of the fez. You definitely want to avoid the dryer. That is where the real damage can happen with the heat and abrasion.


Our fezzes can be folded for travel with little fuss. Just give them a little time to breath after removing from your luggage and they should pop back into shape. If any wrinkles persist, a light steaming will take care of the problem.

Simply hold the fez above a kettle and lightly brush the velvet with your hand or a soft bristle brush. Once steamed let the fez rest and make yourself a nice cup of tea.