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Finally a safe place to carry and stow your fez while traveling!

This sturdy and spacious case can hold your fez along with whatever accessories you might need on your next adventure. The case interior dimensions are approximately 10″ wide, 7″ deep and 6″ high and features a mesh pocket perfect for holding sketching pens, business cards or spare tassels/utensils.

We partnered with Baskets of Cambodia to create our new fez-carrying Basket Cases. Our goal was to find a creative, sustainable and stylish solution to the fez storage and transport challenge many of our collectors are faced with. There were a number of traits that we were looking to meet.

  • Materials – We wanted to use materials that wouldn’t just add to the burden, sure there are leather-wrapped cardboard options out there, but we wanted something better. These cases are made of sustainable woven grasses and recycled rice sacks, adding a fun and unique style to each case.
  • Quality Hardware – This is where most companies cut costs and they become the first point of failure. Our cases have quality zipper pulls, D-rings, and strap clips that will stand up to many years of daily use and abuse.
  • Pack-able Design  This is something that is rather unique to our product needs. When we are selling at shows, people often ask “How am I going to get this home?” Since our fezzes are fold-able, we needed a fez case that was fold-able as well. Simply unzip the sides and the Basket Case folds flat for storage. Now both our fezzes and the case can be packed in your luggage and conveniently travel with you to your destination.
  • Style – This is of course a big one for us. We needed something that we would be proud to carry and allowed for some creative expression. We’re starting off with five different patterns of tatami weaves, from classic black to an elegant pin-stripe. Each case has a card slot on the front that holds our case card with spaces for your ID information on the back to help get your misplaced case back into your hands. On the back of the case is a large clear pocket designed to hold a small print, custom sketch card or whatever random thing you would like to slip in there. It is an easy and temporary way to customize your case.
  • Fun – Let’s face it, we’re not curing cancer here. We make fezzes… full-time. We need a case that has the same ability to put a smile on a face that our fezzes do. Something surprising and unique.

The Basket Case can be shipped to you either folded flat by itself or assembled into a case and shipped with other items inside as part of a larger order. Please do not choose flat-pack when ordering multiple items as these can not be combined for shipping.

Baskets of Cambodia was started in 1996 as a Transparent Fair Trade exporter of baskets made in Cambodia, focused on building sustainable incomes for rural communities. They provide a healthcare safety net program, yearly dividends, and schooling options in varying degrees depending on the level of participation of their makers in Cambodia.  All of these things contribute to produce a quality product that reflects the satisfaction and the growing esteem of their talented makers.

Good News Everyone…

Now then – you may be asking yourself, “Self – I wonder what happens if I measured, ordered, my fez arrives via the shipping llama… and it doesn’t fit!”  Well – look in the mirror…  and blame them. Yep – your evil other-dimensional twin did it!

If after all the careful re-measurements, the thoughtful contemplation, and the dog stops laughing…  feel free to contact us and let us know.  Our exchange policy is pretty liberal as long as the design is ‘current’ we should be able to exchange for your proper size within 90 days of purchase. This is all based on the fact that you tried on the fez and didn’t wear it out on the town or to a bachelor party.(read as: not worn)

Exchanging the fez then continues by shipping it back to us at our Fez-o-rama address – the same that’s on the shipping box, which you could use as well. (just fold the flaps the other way to hide our label and *poof* instant box!)  Once we receive the fez, we’ll send it through to Inspector 23, (Inspector 12 retired in 2015) and they will give it the once over.  We will then ship the replacement as soon as humanly possible. 

For fez accessories, the same applies - if an 'oops' occurs, we will work with you to remedy the situation.

If the mistake is ours we will gladly pay the shipping costs, as we only like insanely happy customers, however; if we crossed our ‘t’s and dotted our lower case ‘j’s – the exchange shipping cost will be your (the customer’s) responsibility.  Sound fair?