We're on the Road to Salt Lake City!

We're on the Road to Salt Lake City!

We're nearing the halfway point of our End of Summer Convention-athon!

This week we're packing up the car and hitting the road to Utah for the Salt Lake City Comic Con. The show is September 4-6th but we will be out of the studio until the 9th as we cruise back across the badlands down to sunny SoCal. As always, expect updates on the social networks and look for more random sketches on fez boxes. We'll even have a special fez for the show!

Introducing the Drunken Seagull Fez!

What better way to commemorate our first show in Utah than with the introduction of a fez featuring the state bird of Utah: the California Gull? Yeah we don't know what they were drinking but let's just roll with it. The Drunken Seagull fez is just the thing to wear on your next two-martini lunch down at the marina. We've made 21 of these in a range of sizes just for the show. Come by the Fez-o-booth early to get the best selection then look for this style to appear on the website sometime next week.

Need help finding us on the floor? Here's a handy map!


As you can see we are in booth 425 and should be fairly easy to find as you enter the hall. You can also see the locations of a few of our exhibitor friends that you don't want to miss.SLCCC-promo
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