We're on the Road to Portland OR

We're on the Road to Portland OR

We've barely had time to breathe since the last show and now we're back on the road with another double header.

Actually this double header is rather unique as we are driving all the way up the West Coast to attend Rose City Comic Con before we drive all the way back home for the HPL Film Fest next week. So on the upside we will be sleeping in our own bed for the second show, on the downside we will be out of the studio for over a week as we drive many hours a day.

Unfortunately due to a family emergency, we are leaving a day early so we can make it up to Washington State before set-up in Portland on Friday. Once again this means that any orders that come in will pulled from our road stock and shipped once we return home. We're not taking everything with us but we are taking a majority of our fezzes so please be aware of the potential delays.

Find us in Booth 815

RoseCity2014Here is a handy map of the Rose City floor where you can find us and a few of our friends. Don't miss out and all of the cool stuff from all of the independent creators.

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