We're on the Road to GEN CON 50!

We're on the Road to GEN CON 50!

We've packed up the Fez Rig and we're headed across the country to our biggest show of the year!

Most of our fezzes are loaded up with us and while we will do our best to pull any orders that come in, we will not be able to keep the website up-to-date and we will not be able to ship anything until we return. If you have any questions, let us know!

This show is actually the first part of an epic month-long trip that includes Dragon Con at the beginning of September. We are all headed to Indianapolis this week with the Fezmonger and Feztress taking to the road Saturday morning, and Fez-o-Joe hopping a flight at dawn on Monday. We'll be in Indianapolis for a week for what promises to be an insane show. Joe returns to base camp on the 22nd and the Fezmonger and Feztress fly in the next day only to fly back out a week later to continue the driving tour down to Atlanta and Dragon Con, and then the return drive through the South. So things won't return to what passes for normal until after September 6th.

Find us on the Floor

If you are planning to attend GEN CON 50, you can find us in the same spot as last year No. 373 over by the Training Grounds and right next to our friends at Badali Jewelry.

Since this is the first time we're driving to Indianapolis, we'll be bringing the full booth with a number of new designs.

Limited Edition GC50 Dragon Fez

To celebrate Gen Con's milestone year, we've created a special limited edition design... in 2 colors! The GC50 Dragon Fez features a gold dragon clutching a D20 on our classic tall style fez, one on our deep burgundy velvet and the other on a lush royal blue velvet. Each edition is limited to 50 fezzes and comes with a special numbered edition badge of embroidered velvet. These go on sale Thursday morning on the Exhibition Floor booth 373, first-come first-served. If any survive the weekend, I'll get them posted to the website after we pack up.

We're also bringing a few other styles to debut at Gen Con and then continue on to Dragon Con.

Look for these to eventually make their way to the website after we return from the road September 6th.

Phlogiston Fez D20 Fez D20 Chapeau
We're also bringing Tassel Caps, Tassel Pins, and even a small selection of etched glassware!
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