We're on the Road to Gen Con!

We're on the Road to Gen Con!

  Once again it is time to venture out into the world and we're bringing the vast majority of our fezzes with us!

We're heading out for another double header of shows to exhibit at Gen Con and then Chicago Comic Con before heading back to the West Coast and that unfortunately means we will be out of the studio for a good chunk of August.

First up we have Gen Con!gencon2014

This was our biggest show of 2013 and this year is looking even bigger! You will be able to find us in booth 239 with our new and improved Fez-o-booth! We're bringing a lot of new stuff along with us as well as a few special edition designs.GC14-floorplan   After that we head over to the Chicago Comic Con for another four days of con madness. We haven't received our booth placement yet but once we do I will update that here.

We will be in booth 1723 for Chicago.

Important website stuff:

We've turned off the option to place back-orders seeing as how we're not here to actually make them and I don't want you wondering where your fez is at the end of the month. We will do our best to set aside any fezzes that get ordered online while we are at the shows but keep in mind that our stock will be changing by the minute and there is no way for us to keep the website updated in real time. We will contact you if your order needs to be changed to back-ordered but please keep this in mind.

Joe will be returning to home base after Gen Con so any orders placed by the 17th that we can fulfill will go back with him. Otherwise the rest of the fezzes will travel on to Chicago Comic Con and we won't be able to ship any orders until after we return on the 26th.

You can keep up with our adventures on the usual networks: Twitter @Fezmonger Google+ Fezorama Facebook FezOrama Instagram Fezogram

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