The Zombie Hunter Fez

The Zombie Hunter Fez

I admit I was long overdue for another zombie themed fez. I had been fiddling on this concept for quite a while and finally decided that I needed to be ready for October, but as our convention schedule started to fill up, I soon realized that I needed to have this ready well before October if people were going to be able to have them on their heads by Halloween. So while I prefer to keep each Holiday firmly in its place, Halloween is starting a little early this year.

Now I have played with zombie themed designs in the past, but this time I wanted to plant this one firmly in the horror end of the zombie spectrum. So this gloriously gruesome low-profile fez features a decapitated zombie head with an exposed brain in front of a pair of blood drenched crossed machetes, the weapon of choice for dispatching the undead.

It's the perfect fez to wear while playing your favorite survival-horror game or while distributing candy tribute to the sugar-addled terrorists in their adorable costumes.

Oh, did I mention the eyes and teeth glow?

Now if you do want to have one of these horrific head-toppers in time for your Halloween festivities, I strongly suggest ordering early. We are going to be on the road from September 9th through the 23rd. Now, Joe will be here holding down the fort and he will have a limited supply ready to ship out, but we won't be able to restock or deal with back-orders until we get home and at that point we will be rushing to prepare for New York Comic Con in October. So now is the time to place your order. Once we head off for NYCC it will be difficult to ship fezzes in time for Halloween.

Order yours now!

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