The Mystic Eye Fez Returns

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The Mystic Eye Fez Returns

First produced as a Fez of the Week in the Fall of 2014 it quickly became clear that this design was bound to come back as a full production run for 2015. wpid-wp-1416183354465.png

As promised, we are back with this ominous oculus with the first batch of fezzes now ready to ship. We will continue to restock these fezzes throughout the year. We will also be bringing this design along on our travels for this year's con season.

The Mystic Eye Fez features an ominous violet eye peering forth from deep blue velvet. Peer into the souls of those around you as you bask in new-found enlightenment. Project your idealized self into the ether and peek beyond the veil to see the mystical machinations of the shadow creatures that leave the cap off of the milk and cause your streaming video to stutter. Confuse and frighten your neighbors with this hat of higher consciousness!