The Liberty Fez

bird, Navy Blue, Production, special edition, tall, winged -

The Liberty Fez

For every Liberty Fez ordered during our pre-sale we will be donating $10 to the ACLU.

To mark Presidents Day we're releasing our latest design a little earlier than originally planned. The Liberty Fez will be making its Con-Debut at Emerald City Comicon March 2nd but considering the holiday we've decided to open up pre-orders. Liberty is a precious thing that we must protect for everyone, not just a select few. Both of my grandfathers risked their lives to fight against tyranny in WWII and I would like to dedicate this design to their memory and to all that have served to protect the freedom of others. This country is at its best when we stand for liberty and fight for those that need it the most.

Don't need a fez but want to help? Go here to donate directly to the ACLU!

Now this is one of the most time-consuming designs I've done (we can only get one fez embroidered every hour and a half) so the initial production will be slow. We've already begun work on the small run we will be bringing to Seattle, but we hit the road in a week and there is a lot to be done for the show. I will do my best to get to as many pre-orders as possible before we load up the car on the 27th. What I can't get to will get top priority once we get back to the studio on March 8th.