The Krampus Returns!

The Krampus Returns!

Our Holiday season kicks off with the latest edition of our seasonal favorite!

We did our first Krampus fez design way back in 2010 and once again I went back to the sketch book to work up a new take on this festive holiday demon for our 3rd edition. All of the same hallmarks are there: the twisted horns, the birch branches and rusty chains, the wickedly long tongue, we even have the basket of naughty children on the back of the fez.  

We're opening up a pre-order now so you can get your fez in plenty of time for the Holidays. We will be making these on demand, so get your order in early before the Holiday shopping frenzy kicks into high gear. These will be available as a back-order through Krampusnacht on December 6th. Please allow a little extra time for us to make your fez before we ship it out.


Pre-order now! Available through Dec 6th

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