The Fool's Birthday Sale

The Fool's Birthday Sale

How is the Fezmonger celebrating his birthday on April 1st?

By being on the road for the 3rd straight day as he drives home from Emerald City Comic Con, just in time to load in for WonderCon Anaheim the next day.

How is Fez-o-rama celebrating his birthday on April 1st?

By having a 24 hour Last Call sale!

That's right, let's celebrate Jason's orbit around the sun by saving you cash on a fez. Sure he's getting the short end of the deal, but what does he know, he's somewhere on the Golden State Highway, stuck behind an almond truck.

For 24 hours we're knocking up to 30% off our Last Call designs. Jason is constantly working on new stuff, so some of last year's designs need to clear out. There are limited sizes in many of these styles so take a look and see if something catches your fancy. This may be you last chance to get one... and at a great price!

These are the styles that are part of the sale. Be sure to check back on Wednesday to see the discounts magically appear!

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