The Calavera Fez & Chapeau

The Calavera Fez & Chapeau

The Holidays are fast approaching and the first of our seasonal designs demands to be released!

Introducing the NEW Calavera Fez and Chapeau!

One of our past designs that got a lot of love and many requests for a re-visit was our original sugar skull themed fez. The original Calavera Fez was released at the same time we were testing out a new hat style and we received quite a few requests to do a Calavera Chapeau. Now finally, as promised, we have our first Calavera Chapeau just in time for the Holiday and along with it, a new Calavera Fez!  

We have a bit of an obsession with skulls around here, both for their historic symbolism and their organic mechanical beauty, so it was only a matter of time before we returned to one of the most culturally - and artistically - significant uses of skulls in our world. Our Calavera features a decorated skull inspired by the traditional art of the Mexican Dia de los Muertos celebration.  

Production on the fezzes and chapeaus has already begun, but to save some time we've set up a "back-order" so you can reserve your hat now.

Shipping will begin this week on a first-ordered, first shipped basis, and we will continue production until we have caught up with demand. Get your order in now to receive your fez or chapeau in time for the Holiday, but fear not, these will be around for awhile.

Order Yours Now!

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