The Black Goat Fez

The Black Goat Fez

Live life deliciously in this cheerful Capra Aegagrus themed fez! goat

Back in 2015 we added the Yule Goat Fez to our ever-evolving holiday collection of designs. The Yule goat had a tenuous balance of creepy and cute, and I pretty much knew immediately that I was going to have to create a non-holiday version to wear for the other ten months of the year. Then at the beginning of 2016 we saw the fantastic film The Witch that happened to feature a rather creepy goat named Black Phillip. Inspiration had clearly struck and the Black Goat Fez made its début at Emerald City Comicon back in April.

Now if a grinning goat isn't creepy enough, we decided to up the creep factor by rendering his eyes and teeth in glow-in-the-dark thread. Now the happy guy can keep an eye on you even in the dark!

The Black Goat Fez is in stock and ready to ship and we plan to bring plenty of them to our upcoming shows!

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