The Black Crossbones Fez and Chapeau

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The Black Crossbones Fez and Chapeau

Our Crossbones design returns in an oft-requested black velvet version!

blk-crossbones1Our original Crossbones Fez and Chapeau were consistently two of our most popular styles at the cons over the last year and a half. That of course didn't stop us from getting numerous requests to produce it on black velvet. Due to the limited space we have to carry and show fezzes at the cons, it wasn't possible to stock up on multiple color variations of a single design.

blk-crossbones-chapSo as the original red velvet version sails off into the horizon, this new black version is ready to take its place. The black velvet Crossbones Fez and Chapeau made their debut at Gen Con last month and are now finally available on the web site. Look for these styles to make public appearances at the cons over the next year.