Con Preview, PSA -

We are once again cramming everything we can into the Fez-o-mobile and heading out onto the open road, all to bring our fezzy goodness to the masses! What does this mean for our internet friends? Well, it means that there will be some delays for any order placed between now and when we return on the 18th of the month. We will do our best to pull any orders that come in while we are on the road but seeing as how we are attending two of our biggest shows of the year it is very likely that the website's...

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Due to some background changes we have had to migrate to a better web hosting service. As such things will be in a bit of flux for the next few days as we sort out the loose ends. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope to have all of the zeroes and ones back in the right order soon. ~ Marv

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